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We Shaanxi MingChem Technology Co.,Ltd ,Website:,are committed to deliver quality products with very competitive price,quick delivery and reliable business transactions to our distinguished customers ! We supply hundreds of products including botanical powders, teas, extracts, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and etc . Shaanxi MingChem Technology Co.,Ltd is a leading Chinese supplier of API, Herb Extracts, Fruits and Vegetables Dried Powder and Nutraceutical with certified by Organic, ISO9001, Kosher and Halal. Our products are widely used in dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, beverage, food, feed industry. At Shaanxi MingChem Technology Co.,Ltd we believe that nature provides us with all the ingredients essential for a healthy body and mind. We believe in the true potential of nature and its infinite supply of natural products.All our efforts are directed towards bringing the healing power of nature to you. Our Global Mission We capture the best nature has to offer, allowing us to provide creative solutions to those who seek safer, healthier, more flavorful and more attractive foods, beverages and functional ingredients. We are moving to be a leading manufacture & exporter of herbal ingredients adhering to stringent quality control to bring to you a product that is good for you, just like nature intended it to be. Our Global Vision We will be the leading global supplier of the highest quality and most innovative products in our field. Our Core Values Honesty, integrity and fairness A culture of innovation and creativity The wisdom and strength that diversity brings The stability and independence that responsible family ownership provides
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